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Images from the Studio:

Originally these sculptures served as still lives for my paintings. They represent imaginary biological systems, and are generally made of balloons, caulk, nylon and foam. I continue to make sculptures, as they have taken on a life of their own.
The balloons are filled with air or water and act as soft tissue, and the caulk and foam harden to serve as skeletal support for the structures. The sculptures have a lifespan as the air and water leave the balloons and they become skeletons, returning to a version of their original state.

Balloon Sculpture 1
balloons, caulk and nylon
Balloon Sculpture 2
balloons, caulk, foam and nylon
Balloon Sculpture 3
balloons, caulk and nylon
Balloon Sculpture 4
balloons, caulk and nylon, slime, chocolate sauce